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2nd Chance Electronics proudly helps companies, government agencies, and schools of all sizes conveniently sell, liquidate, or recycle computers and IT assets. Our experienced staff offers an easy, cost-effective, all-in-one solution to your never ending stream of computer and electronic equipment. If your electronics carry a high value, we can offer to purchase any quantity of computers and computer hardware. Recycle your IT assets in an easy and affordable method, sell your bulk quantity computers, and make your operations efficient by partnering with our unique company! Continue reading to learn about what sets us apart.



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Since 2009, we have evolved with this quickly-changing industry, and are currently innovating with new concepts that deliver unique, detail-oriented, and convenient IT asset management services.


We understand that data and asset tag security is the most important aspect of disposition to our clients. We make IT asset disposition easy, but also work hard to help protect our clients.


Our customers and partnerships are long-lasting for a reason. We are honest, deliver on our promises, and are happy to be doing what we do! Give us a try and see for yourself.


“Synergy – the bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously”
Mark Twain


Let us manage your end-of-life IT assets so that you can focus on business growth…


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Reduce Landfill Rates

If we can re-use it, we re-use it.
If we can’t re-use it, we repair it.
If we can’t repair it, we recycle it.
In the rare case that we can’t recycle it, we legally dispose of it.

Reduce Mining Needs

Raw metals recycling and computer refurbishing reduces the need for labor and carbon-intensive mining operations. Local recycling prevents ewaste from accumulating in developing countries.

Waste Into Opportunity

Refurbished computers grant access to the internet, information, and eCommerce for those who cannot afford new computers. The secondhand computer trade provides jobs to countless local and international resellers.

Save Time And Money

Our services are not only sustainable, but they are also convenient and affordable. When we purchase your old computers, it creates benefit for all parties involved. Contact us today to learn more!